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I'm still around, lovelies!

...Assuming there are any lovelies left!

You can always catch me on Toontown or through my email, but I'm all up on the Tumblr these days. I'll catch you there! <3


Writer's Block: Starstruck

I touched Joni Mitchell's shoulder once.
Have you ever met anyone famous?
I can't remember much, but I had another disturbing dream, albeit one with less putrid drug abuse themes.

I met up with the city Anime Club for the mini-convention, which is set to happen next Sunday. I met up with some of the kids I knew, but suddenly I found them all just walking sheep-like into the screening room. I followed them, soon finding that the screening room door connected to a beach under an elaborate steel bridge crossing the river that runs through my down. We actually have six or seven bridges in down that hold the East and West sides of town together, but this particular bridge has been a reoccuring theme in my dreams...it's freakishly huge, intended for walking and light driving, and if not careful you could fall off from the walkway. In a previous dream, I saw seven of the same bridges in a row done up with Christmas lights, and in one I had to bike across it.

So, we were all under the bridges - coincidentally where a school field trip hosted by my former grade school principal was occuring - because it was supposed to enhance the mood of the anime we were screening. Nothing was said by out convention host, or anybody in the seating area, as it was projected onto a sheet before the river. The show was called "Hermaphrodite Crisis Cruise", about twenty people who get on a cruise ship that crashes on an island, but a third of them are hermaphrodites. I know it didn't really happen, but Japan, what the hell?
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Another Short Announcement



I'm watching it right now before I complete the enumerating paperwork. Aaaagh, this is sch a great surprise!

Sep. 7th, 2011


Sneaking Through The Alley With Robert

We're getting internet at the cottage again, and I'm seeing my Aunt Kim again. Everything's well, and we'll be going to Burlington tomorrow morning. Things are pretty good, although the air pressure drop has left me occasionally sad and slow. (inpew , thank you so much for being around! There's no one else close to my age or interests in this region, except for you!)

I had some sort of surreal dream where we were back at the Ottawa Museum of Nature, except Robert Palmer was coming by for one day. And this man has been dead for almost a decade now, but somehow he'd come back to life just to visit people. I was pretty excited about going with his huge fan club, but Molly absolutely insisted she go instead. So she left, and came back the next day, complaining that he was old.

The next morning (in reality), everybody was making bacon, and Hunter and his friend were panicking because the annoying neighbor kid Austin was standing outside the house like a creepazoid. Adding together my family, uncle, and paternal aunt's family, we had nine people and two dogs in one house.

In other news, my youngest uncle might be a straight-up dumbass. For one, right after I started Westbury Detectives, he came out with a black-and-white comic about a mob leader with numerous characters copied from Tetsujin 28. Then he spends most of the trip being a depressing chainsmoking bad of turd, and finally openly leaves a conversation when Kim started complaining about racist/old dick/homophobic/Toronto mayor Rob Ford. Today's the last time we see him on the trip, and I'm oddly relieved.

In less preachy news, I'm trying to grow my hair to be long and wavy again, but with bangs. Young Robert Plant's hair is influencing me.
So, I'm near downtown Ottawa, in the suburbs. I'm hiding in the basement with my mom's friend's daughter (also the lead singer of Full Tipped Sleeve) and my younger brother, because there was a giant-ass twister that knocked over the bandstand at Bluesfest. Cheap Trick is or is not okay. I shall entertain myself by listing off non-sequitors of thought that I've had over the last few days of the roadtrip. (We left on July 9, and are leaving on August 3.)
  • We listened to the Blues Brothers movie OST every morning of the trip, for good luck. I started to miss John Belushi, deeply. Then I found a brand new copy of SNL: The Best Of John Belushi at the store and almost cried.
  • Holy dick, my mom has a fat chin. When she yawns, it's like she doesn't even have a neck. I excersize enough to have only a chubby face (while the rest of me is pretty damn twiggy), but I'm gonna work hard all my life to avoid my family's history of hereditary chubiness.
  • You will never see me yawn. I know how to do it with my mouth closed, natural-looking. I think people who yawn openly look weird as shit, man.
  • Did I actually have a crush on Belushi in 10th grade?
  • Can I just, like, look and dress like 1970's Jimmy Page? The man is so adorable and well-dressed that it makes me wanna scream.
  • Can I also marry Giovanni from Pokemon?
  • "Dicks" is my favourite curse word on this trip.
  • Holy dick, do I hate cottages with no internet.
  • I want to be really pretty when I'm an adult. I'll have long, wavy or curly hair, always be fit, and wear gorgeous clothes. I won't have to settle for the cheapest thing I can find or whatever people are sending us that was handed down from their kids. Never, ever again.
  • Sailor Moon republishing, August! New merchandise coming soon, too!
  • It's been nearly two years since my last kiss. Man, what the hell happened?
  • Writing fan fiction in a spiral-bound notebook is strangely a lovely, old school experience. Everything I've been writing lately is just cutesy Giant Robo fluff.
  • Led Zeppelin jkghdjkhdjkg so cool
  • My uncle is 50. I am 18. I can draw men more realistically than him. How does this happen?
  • I bought it for fifty cents, and "Needles" by William Deverell was so convoluted, trashy, disgusting and annoying that I am going to literally set it on fire when we get to the cottage again. Sure it may have been written in the mid-seventies, but anybody who refers to homosexual men as criminal "cornholers" deserves to have their magnum opus burned.
  • Having people wait on me hand and foot when we go to visit people is sort of terrifying.
More probably later, if I can get near a computer again.


Part One: Experts of Justice

There's a thing going around where you make someone who knows nothing about a series look at pictures of the characters, and record their impressions of them. I've seen ones for Tiger & Bunny and Ace Attorney, done with moms, but knowing my mother knows some things about GR, I turned to my sister...
  • Daisaku Kusama: works in a short-shorts factory
  • Ginrei: a hand model famous for her pointing poses
  • Chief Chujo: works in a bar and grill
  • Professor Go: a woman who works in a fan factory
  • Taisou: a sailor
  • Youshi: a drag king
  • Tetsugyu: a sumo wrestler
  • Issei Dojin: is a jewelry fanatic (due to his ball necklace)
  • Kenji Murasame: is part octopus
By the sound of this, Giant Robo is about a bunch of people who argue in a bar.


Jun. 30th, 2011

So, last night was really warm, and I wound up sleeping on my bed with a baby quilt and the window completely open for the first time. I don't know how this contributed to my dream, but I'm pretty damn sure it did somehow.

My mother, siblings and I were on our road trip to Ontario, and we randomly stopped in a mall in Kitchener. Mom went into a restaurant, while we looked around the mall, which turned out to only have a few restaurants and two shops of weird crap from China. The three of us went into one of these shops, where we ran into Tsz San (a classmate from Hong Kong that I had a crush on) and a 1989-era Yasuyuki Okamura (whom I also like, this mode of his being his 24-year-old version), and the two casually joined our party.

There was a lot of Asian DVDs in there, so I kept hoping I'd find one of Okamura's classic concerts or his movie, but suddenly all the DVDs in there disappeared when I turned around. The kids found a shelving unit full of games and videos, and Tsz San pulls out a DVD labelled Katei Kyoushi '90. This doesn't exist in real life, but it turned out to be an idol video with Okamura. Bits of it started playing in the dream whenever I held the DVD case, but I can only remember Okamura babysitting in an American amusement park with two Japanese kids and then trying to hit on the lady who ran the cotton candy machine. If I held onto it for too long, the video would begin to distort and rewind. Out of concern that it could hurt the Okamura in the store, I put it away.

The kids are testing the DS games, which could be done by opening the game case to reveal a working DS system. They got through a racing game, and my brother picks up a game called "Punch Mokkori". As a City Hunter fan, I know pretty well that "mokkori" is the sound effect for the appearance/presence of an erection, but I was the only one who seemed to know what it meant. I was panicking and trying to get the kids to put it down without winding up talking about boners, hoping that Okamura would step in to help.

The kids started the game, skimming past a bunch of sexual minigame listings before settling on "Whimsy Job", where you vaguely see a distorted businessman's face performing oral on a barely-obscured crotch. Tsz San took the game away and told the kids to look at colouring books.

The guy at the counter was starting to get mad at us...like, creepily mad, and I was getting a haunting feeling from him. My mother came up to the doorway and told us the food was ready, even adding, "Oh hi, Yasuyuki." They all went to the restaurant while I stopped by the other Chinese goods store, which mostly had overpriced but nicely-made decorations. I suddenly got a flash of the future, which was presented to my mind with a cheap, fifties-style animation, telling me that the whole mall would burn down in thirty hours.

So then I'm in the restaurant with the others, except Okamura was off flirting with a waitress. Nathan Seymour and Kotetsu Kaburagi walk by in the middle of a random conversation. Kotetsu sounded like Michael Dobson.

Kotetsu: They've been getting really lazy in the offices, huh?
Nathan: I know...it's like they need to wake up.

And then I woke up, finding it was 8:49 AM. I know I was listening to a lot of Yasuyuki Okamura this week (as well as pursuing his older albums and videos), and managed to cram in three episodes of Tiger and Bunny last night, and maybe the heat did something. I don't know.


I want this man. Inside me. Sexually.

Fauna in "Tezuka World Roleplay"

So, a long time ago, I was in a Tezuka-themed roleplay. I was the only person who didn't suck or wind up going crazy.

There's more to this story, but 2003 Skunk and his two henchmen (see here for name guide) were the only characters who didn't get pummeled so badly (which is strange to think about, until you see the whole thread) and had a happy ending for him. It took exactly a month, and here's my half of the story, spelling-corrected with bonus notes. On its own, it seems like the wacky adventure between three bros trying to steal robot pieces from a crazy lady before breaking for the weekend with delicious coffee.

Fifteen pages of hardcore writing under the cut!Collapse )
All my big final projects have been finished, resulting in amazing grades and multiple people being impressed. My hero is making a new album. I confessed to a person I like, and wound up getting their signature in my yearbook.

My life is very, very happy right now.

Here's the video for Super Girl because it makes me feel energetic and nostalgic.

I remember it being early October 2010, and being absolutely charmed by Okamura in this video to make me want to find more of his music. I don't regret discovering him at all.
So somebody finally uploads a video from the convention, of when the costume contest winners ascending the stage.

I came in third, dressed as Earl Dorian Red of Gloria from From Eroica With Love. The whole video was filmed from a camera, sideways (so badly that I have to turn my head to understand it) and completely shakily (I've held things with more stability when I was being put under dental anesthesia).

The girl filming, pretending to be Hidan from Naruto, goes, "I better be in third or I'm gonna be angry!" But I go up, to explosive cheers, enough to make me feel humbled right now. As the runners-up are called up, "Hidan" keeps complaining about how she should have won. They lament, "I got no cheers!" in reference to their time showing off on stage during the competition. "I shoulda won. I had a better costume."

...Um?! Look, the first and second place characters were AMAZING if you compared them to their character art, which was available for us to see. We won because we spent the whole convention being in character, and brought - like the rules suggested - a picture of our character so the judges would have something to work from. I looked just like Dorian, to the point where a girl freaked out when comparing me to the manga print-out I brought.

What I did was, while in character, blow a kiss at the audience. I'm at the bottom of this video's frame, and given how badly it shakes, most of my bit gets cut off. This happens over and over again while I'm on the stage. We manage to get a group shot together, and this is the single cleanest frame I can grab...

I'm the blonde one, second on the left.

"Hidan" spends the rest of the video whining at random intervals. At the end, when Courtney (the main judge and one of the convention leaders) tells us where to go for our prizes, she goes, "Prizes?! *faked sniffling* I shoulda won!"

And then the best part comes up. "Hidan" gets up, goes right up to Courtney, taps her indignantly on the shoulder and says loudly, "Excuse me, why did I win?" Courtney gives her this utter "Are you shitting me?" face for a moment, then says, "We had so many costumes, and--"

"But I got lots of cheers!"

"I know, but..." But cheering is not a measurement. Bless Courtney for not hitting her. She only shrugs. "We...we have to kinda guess and go by...sucks, I know, but..."

Her voice is covered up by someone shrieking like a maniac elsewhere in the room. "Hidan" insists that she should have gotten an honourable mention. Courtney lies that there were a lot of people to judge, and she would have given everybody a prize. Video ends.

Okay...I saw this "Hidan" costume. She had a half-assed robe, her hair slicked back, and her glasses on. You need to honestly try if you want to win a costume contest. When I was preparing to be Dorian, I compared six different wigs under $30 based on colour, length and style. I lost weight and toned my legs. I made sure all imperfections on my face were make-upped to oblivion. I didn't even bring my glasses. I went through the manga and analyzed Dorian's behavior patterns, mannerisms and all little dress preferences. I had a British accent for so long that day, I was talking with it the next day. All of this was to make up for past failed cosplays, in which I learned where to improve my work.
Put effort into your costume. You might win something if you actually look like them. And, jealousy is a hideous trait. Learn, don't hate.


May. 31st, 2011

I'm sorry I haven't been updating this journal more often, you guys...I've gotten into Tumblr (here I am!) and am enjoying posting pictures of Yasuyuki Okamura and Giant Robo characters. I've also got three different projects coming up in the next two weeks, HOW WILL FAUNA GET OUT OF TROUBLE THIS TIME...?

I've also been watching loud, screaming videos of insanity, like the below (warning: check your speakers, for the love of God, I can't even exaggerate how loud this is). A complete transcript under the cut...



So, finally, I come to the conclusion that I am almost certainly pansexual. It's so hard to explain things at this point in my life. All I can say is that I'm happy to not be attached to any weird stereotypes or the annoying mini gay club who eats lunch in the stairwell. I can also say I'm pansexual on Toontown, and I can continue seeming sexually androgynous to the casual reader. (This is actually quite important when it comes down to hate mail.)

And right now, I need to try and sort out the following:
  • Having a crush on Yasuyuki Okamura
  • Being attracted to a Chinese classmate because his face is like a young Okamura's
  • Being slightly attracted to a female Chinese classmate
  • Being attracted to cheerish, whom encourages flamboyant behaviour from me
I'll be visiting her tomorrow if I can, because I need help with some...other things. (Like, should I make Dr. Byrd's informant his lover in chapter two, or make Dr. Byrd be the awesome undercover guy? And can you let me see your boob again?)

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